Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Karma Experience

I passed 4 styrofoam cups and a platter.

I felt ENGRAGED! I usually feel mad, upset, distraught, disgusted, occassionaly leaning into anger, but for some reason on this particular walk, I felt ENRAGED!

"OMG" I Harumphed loudly, alone on the street.
"Who/What/Why/Jesus!" My brain tripped overitself trying to yell and process my anger all at the same time.

"They will Suffer!" I (kinda) yelled onto my empty street and the invisible, evil litterers who'd been here. And I meant it. Seriously. For about 30 seconds.

Then it hit me. Hard. This is my suffering! This is my Karmic Experience, for I used to litter long ago! I dropped styrofoam (butts, paper, plastic etc) on a few streets in my early days, and this is my suffering.

To be so hurt by the litter I see, is suffering, and I acknowledge that I deserve karmic action for what I did not know then.

Will their suffering be the same? Will they suffer at all? ( I do think so) Is my slate clean now? (My mom noted that she thinks I'm now evened out on this particular issue, wouldn't that be nice!)

I will take away a few lessons from this, expand on what I felt/know;

We are all ignorant until we know. I don't need to judge people for what I see as their faults, we're all on a path, we all learn in our own time, in our own order. As a positive force I can teach more, show more, educate more when I'm in tune with karma and the laws of the universe, not trying to be the sheriff!

The world is FAIR - yin/yang - Karma will always get you eventually, so just do good! Okay, so that one I know.. but still.. Just do good!

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