Monday, July 12, 2010

People are Lessons/ Islands may be easier

If I lived on a deserted island, I would learn a lot I'm sure. A lot of very useful skills and some not so much, lots of survival stuff that I don't need to learn here, with people.

But here, people are the lessons. And I'd bet it's easier to learn to underwater basket weave or catch and bbq a warthog then it is to learn the lessons some people have to offer.

Wish I had the choice. " Universe can I trade (insert any jerk wad here) for some hard labour?

But.. I do believe we reincarnate, I do believe we have to learn all the lessons before we are "done" so I'd only be putting off the lesson that (jerk wad)'s need to teach me. Thank god for friends, family laughter, love and sometimes vodka to get you thru the Jerk Wad days.

Perhaps in my last life I learnt all the deserted island lessons, this time round it's jerk wad time? thank you universe that there is only a few.

1 comment:

  1. Even when we can't see what their true lesson is for us to learn, we can always be reminded what not to be like - thus taking something positive from this horrible experience.

    May today be a jerk-free day for you my friend!