Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random - bus experience

Jordan and I were waiting for the bus to Granville Island, outside the Waterfront Station. We're both pretty anal about being away from smoke, and standing right under the no smoking sign. He's telling me all about Mario, I'm "uhuh"ing and looking around. And yes, I'm also scowling slightly at anyone who might be smoking closer that I percieve the minimum 6 meteres from the door to be.

Scanning.. "uhuh"ing, watching for the bus, scanning.."hmm. i know that face"

Very strange to see someone you have known ... know? a homeless person.

Bruce..? He is looking around the area, pocketing butts. It is him. I'm pretty sure. He was my friend Laura's boyfriend, for a while, (15 yrs ago) in Kamloops. He had a house downtown and there were many fun parties there. I remember hearing he'd gotten a bit out of control. Hmmm..

I see homeless drug addicts all the time.

This is a homeless person named Bruce who used to throw parties and date a cool chick named Laura who is a mom who owns a restaurant,who introduced me to jaime who I'm still friends with.. We're connected. Me and him.

A day later I sit here and think about it. I did not say Hello. I did not turn away from him, I did hope if he did look up he would not know me. I think the universe was happy with what it laid out. I saw. I think.

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