Monday, August 23, 2010

Growth is not always invetiable

Seeds waiting to grow. Some are taken by the wind... landing haphazardely in the parking lot, wanting to grow.. lamenting their fate.. "Why couldn't you have dropped me in soil"

A small breeze picks up a seed drops it in the boulevard.. and it cries. " But this soil is dry! Why couldn't you have dropped me in moist soil"

Another swooping by, comments... " i'm on my way to the lake!" and as it's dropped in the drink,it complains " oh.. it will take forever for me to float to the dry land.. I'll never grow here"

A seed in the parking lot alone. Someone walks by, the whispers of air shuffle it a few feet.. the next shuffle it a few more feet. It holds itself in tight, waits for the conditions to be right, it waits patiently, quietly. No complaints. It sees the dirt, knows it can get there, it knows that it has to be the one to surf the waves of use the opportunities coming it's way to get what it wants. If it wants to grow, it cannot wait for conditions to be right, it cannot wait for someone else to do it for him.

Too many times in life, we wait for the opportunities to come our way. We want things perfect before we proceed. You must be the one who takes control of your life. You cannot blame or look for fault in the world around you, You must change what you want changed. Waiting for conditions to be right, staying in one place, stagnant.. crying .. "if only.. he would/ if only she would" .... Will get you no where.

Take control today.

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  1. Beautifully written Leah. But how does a seed take control of it's life? Perhaps this is why we have minds to think with? Perhaps this is just one of the things that separates some life forms from others?