Friday, October 8, 2010

It's simple - Is it a sad day or a happy day?

If you argue with the above statement, I probably won't convince you otherwise.

But, it is simple.

Every person wakes up in the morning. Every person puts their feet to the floor and begins the day.

There are people in the world sorting thru dumps all day with smiles on their faces, and there are executives waking up in mansions ready to go to Maui, that hate their lives.

I don't know that all happy people, conciously ask each morning, but I know that it is their decision. Today, I choose to be positive/happy. Today, I choose to see the bright side of life, I choose to "win some or learn some" (love that line from Jason Mraz " I'm yours") Today I choose to realize that not all moments will be joy filled, but they will all be authentic, they will all be moments I can learn from. I will have experiences today, good and not so good, that will help me become who I want to be, moments that challenge me, push me, help me see how far I've grown.

Others, you've met them I'm sure, choose to lament their life all day. "Poor me, poor me, why me, why now"

Our North American culture, promotes the idea that happiness is a given. We should all be happy all the time, it's possible to be happy all the time, don't you know? Buy more, do more, shop more, talk more, watch more and you'll be happy. If your not, perhaps something is wrong with you? You must need a better job, more money so you can buy more.. that will make you happy!

Who told us that happiness is a right? Who told us if your not smiling 24/7 something is wrong with you? Who made us beleive that we are better, if we're happy, that we don't belong, if we're not "happy" all the time?

I am at my personal best, when I remind myself of the phrase " 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows" Life is 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows. there will be both. That's it. There will be and there is nothing you can do about it. Realizing it's so, means that when the sorrows come, you see them for what they are, lessons. Important lessons to teach you to become who you're meant to.

Sorrows are necessary, to show us what the joys are. To help us experience the joys, we need the sorrows. When we see "sorrows" as lessons, they then become joys! "Thank you universe for this lesson, so I can be a better me!"

I challenge you to remember that in your day. Wake up and decide what kind of day you will have, and if it's a day with some "sorrows" see them for what they are, lessons to amplify your joys!

10,000 joys, 10,000 sorrows. Repeat when necessary.

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