Sunday, September 19, 2010

Freedom of Choice

One of our most important freedoms is our freedom of choice. We cling to it, we shout it out whenever someone ventures an opinion on our choices. We are allowed in our country, to make our own choices, regardless if others like them or not.

As long as our choices are not harming others; but who judges that?

Let's pretend we are looking inside a sanitorium. The people inside, have been placed here, some against their will, some voluntarily checked in. They have been proclaimed ill by someone, and they are being "taken care of"

If a patient were to decide one day, to start picking up shit and eating it, We'd expect that someone in charge; someone watching out for this "sick" person would intervene. We'd expect, that someone would say, "This is not good for you, and whether you like it or not, I have to remove the shit from your hands,your pockets, wherever else you have stashed it.. so you won't eat it"

(and if everyone started eating shit.. wouldn't we kindly but firmly remove it all?)

We would all agree this is the right thing. Shit is not for eating. Someone unable to make intellingent, relevant, safe choices for themselves, should be helped. Most of us are compassionate and understanding enough to beleive this.

I'll drop the parable now, and say..

I feel our country is sick. Our people need help, and whether you like it or not, the shit you put in your mouth needs to be removed. And, as the whole country is not listening, not caring how sick their familes are getting, someone has to say "For the good of all, for the continuation of our species and the health of everyone we are removing the shit food from your hands, pockets and everywhere your stashing it"

Mexico is banning shit food from schools! They are not going to allow their population to continue this way, individuals are not making the decisions they need to be healthy, so the decision is being made for them.

I understand it's a slippery slope, BUT Personal freedom will mean nothing, if everyone is dying and obese or toxically crazy. I absolutley know shit food can affect your thinking, your energy, your concentration.
(Remember the mayor in Cloudy with Chance of Meatballs? If we don't change this will be our life.. do you want him in charge of your country?)

Will we have to declare that only organic eaters can be in charge? It's ridiculous, but makes sense too. I do not beleive that a politican who eats the crap on our shelves, will be pushing for the world that I want and need to live in. If he's going to eat at fast food places, he's not going to be doing everything he can to push a new bill to ban junk food, like Mexico did.

I don't know what the answer is, except in my own home. I have to admit, I laugh to myself a lot about "them". Those who eat crap.. those whose genetics are now proving to fail.. those who hear but do nothing.. trans fat, GMO, HFCS, Mcdonalds loving semi humans. Your DNA doesn't resemble what it used to! It is proven that more people are becoming sterile, becoming ill, passing on more mutating genes.. those people are being removed by evolution. I'm sorry, but I laugh, cause it's amazing that no one seems to care. The reality is everywhere, this SHIT will kill you but you continue to go there, to eat it, to shove it in, passing on patterns to your kids.. teaching them how to be sick and to have a short life.

It's a horrible, scary laugh, it's full of fear, disgust and dissapointment..and it's better than crying for you.


  1. Please submit this to the Province or the Metro or the Chatelaine magazine!! OMG. Simple truth... I bow to you. Thank you once again for the eye opening for the evidence that is right before us!

  2. Yes it's so important that you are saying this!