Friday, September 17, 2010

What I'm supposed to do...

I'm going to do this forever.

Share, write, tell, inform, scare, bother, harp on, tattle, shout, confess.. I'm going to do this for you, and ultimately for me.

I'm informing the world of my intent that not only will I continue to rant and spew and sing poetic in your browser, but I will be paid for it.. and soon after that paid WELL for it. (muah ha ha and on that note.. subsribe/follow my blog when you get to the end ;o)

When I'm able to learn and to search, to scan and file information I'm excited, When I'm collecting, reading and circling, I'm in my zone! Learning STUFF, experiencing life in my unique way is wonderful. But suddenly it's IMMENSE and FULL and EMPOWERING to be able to share it.

I can come here with my feelings,thoughts, knowledge and daily trivias and let them come out of me and form a picture. It's immensely therapeutic to give that picture away.

It is the sum of the equation of the day. How this day, and the life I've had up until this day look and feel and come together for me. what does all of it up til now conjure up in this brain in a coherent way on this particular day?

I'm proud to realize that I can do this well. It's okay to be proud of things we are good at! It's RIGHT to find what you love and to do it. I'm going too!

Thank you for reading. I hope you continue to do so. I hope we can dialouge often about things you might read here.. or anything else that tickles your fancy on this particular day.


  1. Good. I've always enjoyed your writing and I think you will do really well. Your writing is great and you are a mover and shaker, friendly and curious. Lets talk about it more and maybe I can help you find some jobs, since writing has been my job for 15+ years.

  2. that is the way to do it!! Learn Do Teach! you are on the road you are meant to follow. You are on your path - happily. Networking with other writers will definitely allow you to find the ways and means to be paid well for all the knowledge you have and the ability to bring it forth to others! Go Leah!

  3. Hurray Ladies. Thank you. I have always been happy to know, that I do have an example.. A shining Susan to show me that it is possible to make money writing! I love how you write Susan! Bless you for lighting the way friend. Yes, Yes, when can we chat more? I know I need to know stuff from you.. do I approach who? with done articles, or do I approach who? with an idea or is there somewhere I go to find who? is looking for submissions.. etc etc. Thank you!