Saturday, September 4, 2010

Animal Adventures in the Shower

Leisurely Saturday morning, planning on the long shower.. I've had a small wake & bake for the perfect meditative shower mood, I've got time & razors! Ready to go.

I've just finished applying shampoo, and out of Jordan's toys climbs this monster spider!
"THAT is not a Daddy Long Legs!" Go get the camera! Lucky the house is empty, I run wet and dripping shampoo thru the house looking for the camera.. excited about some possible cool shots to come.

Find the camera.. take some pictures. Now I start a dialogue with him.

"Dude, if you can stay there, you can live..okay?" He's very quiet, but doesn't leap at me.. so I'm taking it as a maybe.

He moves around a lot as I do my hair and lather up legs for shaving. I've got one leg up on the side ready to shave, when he makes a break for me.. straight up the middle of the tub!

Sacrificing all the perfect lather, my foot comes down and starts kicking water in his direction. " Dude! You will die.. STAY THERE" He quickly retreats to the safety of Thomas the Tank Engine.

I had told him earlier that I'd bring him outside, but as I continue to look at him and tell myself he is not a Daddy long legs.. perhaps he is some rare Peruvian spider that made it's way around the world..ended up on Kate's skateboard.. into my hower... someone finds me dead a week later?

"Dude.. stay there. I will post pictures and if someone says your safe, I WILL take you outside.. okay?"

My constant visual vigilance kept him at bay.. amazingly I did not slice myself as I hardly looked as I shaved.

He sits in there, I sit out here. If you know what kind of spider the monster is please let me know. LOL.


  1. Delayed my leaving to meet Mom by a few minutes.. I'm almost ready Mom! Hope your glad I went with it when I had the urge to write.. xo

  2. That is great, sounds like the conversations I have with the spiders I come across in my house. Oh, and the one living on my car mirror :)