Monday, September 6, 2010

The Truth

The truth. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is truth, if you think about it.

My truth is different than yours, we have different persepectives and different lenses we see our lives through.

My son told me something this week, about an experience with someone that sounded horrific as it came from him mouth.

I took it to be gospel truth immediately. I beleieve my son to be truthful, his way is to be honest, his self or his autism doesn't allow him to be deceitful.

He told me someone hurt him, and this mother warrior began strapping on armour.

We discussed the stuff parents should.. always come to me, always talk to me.. you are so loved <3

Speaking with said adult... "what happened? this is what he said"

Adult " no.. this is what happened"


I feel that Jordan was not hurt. I feel that he is physically safe. Now what.

I've been trying to file this in my mental cabinet, and it just won't compute. Jordan told me an untruth. I won't say lie. Jordan is telling me something. I have to listen. Having a child with Autism, means you have ears everywhere.. you have to hear with your heart, hear with your eyes, hear with your hands and your soul. His self, will tell more of the truth, than his words are able to.

So where is the truth in this?

When I discussed this with one of my rescue angels today. " How do I justify/compute that my son told me something not true? Somewhere in there is a truth.. perhaps he was asked to sit and helped with hands on arms?" I'm trying so hard to make jordan's truth THE Truth.. so what he told me is not untrue.. . So, I can know my son tells me the truth.

I can't leave it as untrue, it must be true so I can beleive what he tells me.

My angel says " IT IS TRUE. It's Jordan's truth. Whatever happened, this is what he percieves to be happening/ have happened."
So Jordan's truth, becomes my truth. Thank you son, I see.


  1. oh my ~ this is truly an amazing article in lessons for us all. We each have our own truth. Jordan has his truth - I have seen his truth upfront and in my face when it is wholly different than what I percieve it to be. So it is for us all.
    No judgement just accepting that each of us have our own truth.
    Thank you Leah, my darling girl

  2. So glad the people I care about the most, read what I write, hear what I say and understand me! <3

  3. You are always, ALWAYS making me think. I <3 you for it.

  4. Thanks... that's a true compliment.. I <3 you back lovely heartfull lady <3